Professional Services

We offer clients professional advice covering a range of services.

Commercial property valuations

  • Market rent and capital valuations
  • Valuations for acquisition
  • Valuations for tax purposes
  • Valuations for company accounts
  • Valuations for pension schemes/SIPP
  • Charities Act valuations covering a range of services.

Lease Renewals

Many commercial leases provide a tenant with 'Security of tenure' which usually gives a right to renew unless a landlord can satisfy certain conditions. We are able to advise parties on the formal process and their options should they wish to renew. We then use our market knowledge to obtain favourable renewal terms.

Rent Reviews

Rent reviews can be emotive and complicated with landlords and tenants unable to reach a satisfactory agreement. We are able to consider the rent review provisions within the lease and use our professional experience and market knowledge to assist in obtaining a beneficial outcome.